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Island Getaways, Take Off To Paradise For Less!


From ancient rain forests and crystal clear waters in Malaysia to sun-kissed beaches and hip restaurants in Turks and Caicos, we've got you covered globally with bargain island getaways that allow you to getaway further, for longer. Here are a few of our favorite island destinations with excellent options in all price ranges.



The chances are if you spot a post card perfect shot of over-the-water bungalows surrounded by incredible shades of blue and emerald water, it's located in the Maldives. Unless one resides in Asia, the Maldives, situated in the Indian Ocean, is a journey to get to, but well worth it. Comprised of 26 atolls and hundreds of dazzling islands, the Maldives is widely considered one of the leading honeymoon destinations in the world. Why wait until the end of your life to take a trip of a lifetime! We say travel well, travel now and travel for less.



Let's get together and feel alright! And where else but Jamaica? Rum, reggae, rest and relaxation are top activities on Jamaica, with more long sandy beaches, coral reefs, mountains, clifftop bars, golf courses and waterfalls than you can shake a stick at. An easy flight from most parts of the US, leave by breakfast and you'll be enjoying jerk chicken and Red Stripe beer with your toes in the sand for lunch. One love indeed, there's only one Jamaica.



From Maui to Kauai and the Big Island to Oahu, Hawaii, the 50th state of the US is accessible and affordable for every stripe of traveler, starry-eyed for an island escape.

A weird, perhaps little known fact, Mauna Kea at 13,796 feet is taller than Mount Everest. If measured from the base of the mountain, Mauna Kea which lies on the floor of the Pacific Ocean, rises a whopping 33,500 feet. With mountains, beaches, rain forests, kayaking, snorkeling, diving, fishing, golf and even a bustling city, (Honolulu), say aloha to Hawaii for an extraordinary vacation close to home, yet far from the ordinary.



Situated just 50 miles off the coast of Florida, the Bahamas are so close you could probably kayak there. We exaggerate slightly, but it is a million miles away in terms of culture, character and a charming British colonial vibe. With pink sand beaches and dazzling coral reefs, the islands of the Bahamas beckon for snorkeling, diving, fishing or simply lolling about enjoying a gin and tonic.



The true spirit of Bali is not found at its world famous beaches, but inland within the hills, Hindu temples and rice paddies. While it is tempting to spend an island vacation at a beach, we recommend heading for the hills to experience cultural Bali at its very best. Bali is a special destination with hidden charms to be sought out and savored, on roads less trampled. With low cost, yet high end accommodations widely available, go further with your island budget on Bali.



Similar to the Maldives, French Polynesia has a wide range of ultra swank love shacks jutting out into pristine lagoons that are the stuff island fantasies are made of. The largest islands of French Polynesia include Tahiti, Moorea and Bora Bora. Snorkeling directly from an over-the-water bungalow, breakfasts delivered via canoe, sundowners on your deck and private island picnics await you. Tahiti is a mystical, magical and memorable getaway that will stay with you long after you reluctantly leave her shores.



Belize offers a lot for modest outlay and effort. There are two Great Barrier Reefs, one in Australia, the other is in Belize, which costs a great deal less in terms of travel time and money to experience extraordinary snorkeling or diving. As an added bonus, the famed Blue Hole is 70 miles offshore, a top bucket list destination that divers daydream about. Travel inland to visit ancient Mayan ruins and hike pristine rain forests and jungles teeming with wildlife, including jaguars, monkeys and birds. Or simply pick an atoll and hunker down for a week unwinding in spectacular surroundings doing absolutely nothing. Belize is a genuine travel bargain where hard earned vacation time and money are very well spent.



Situated off the coast of Malaysia, the gorgeous island of Langkawi attracts a large amount of visitors from Europe, the UK, Middle East and Asia. With Malaysian, Indian, Chinese and Middle-Eastern cuisines merging, food options on Langkawi are extensive and exceptional. With hotels and resorts in mountains, rain forests, on beaches or even an off-shore private island, there are lots of options for all budgets. Within easy reach from Singapore or Kuala Lumpur, travelers looking for a relaxing, affordable island getaway with stunning views, incredible food and gracious, warm people, look no further than Langkawi.