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City Breaks:  Big City Savvy, Big Savings All Over The World.


From the bustling markets of Hong Kong to the romantic cobblestone streets of Paris, we've got you covered with bargain city breaks everywhere you want to be. Take off for a city break without breaking the bank. Get away further, for longer with Cheap Seats. Here are a few of our favorite city breaks with excellent options in all price ranges.


New York

As Oscar Wilde famously noted, if you're bored with London, you're bored with life. The same could be said for New York, the city that never sleeps. Uptown, downtown and every in between, New York pulsates with an energy that is hard to resist. Shopping along 5th Avenue, a carriage ride in Central Park, world class restaurants and the bright lights of Broadway and Times Square attract millions of visitors each year. Be a part of it, do more, see more, take a New York City break for less.


Hong Kong

Hong Kong is an intoxicating blend of east and west, new and old, vintage and modern, brash and reserved. Welcome to Hong Kong where sleek glass and steel skyscrapers loom next to historical shop houses and hectic, bustling markets and a busy harbor. With a colonial British history, Hong Kong is a city of delightful contradictions, where fast-paced commerce and a rich culture collide. The shopping is world class, with iconic luxury brands a short stroll away from market stalls hawking medicinal herbs and chopsticks. Hong Kong hotels are renowned, with several grand hotels regularly topping the world's best hotels lists year after year. Food is truly king in Hong Kong, it's a city that lives to eat. Eat well, sleep well, travel well with a Hong Kong city break.



Rome offers remarkable history, heritage, art, architecture, food, fashion and beauty, all easily explored on foot, so pack good walking shoes. From the Coliseum to the Pantheon and the Spanish Steps to the Sistine Chapel, prepare yourself to be dazzled with the riches Rome has to offer visitors. Art from Michelangelo, Caravaggio and Bernini through to wearable art from Prada, Gucci and Valentino. Restaurants are where Romans spend hours savoring a meal with multiple courses and enjoying each other's company. Fast food are four letter words, so when in Rome, go with the local flow, which will usually include wine. All roads indeed do lead to Rome, be sure to make your trip to the Eternal City a journey.


San Francisco

Cable cars, hilly streets with gingerbread Victorian houses, the iconic Golden Gate Bridge, lots of atmospheric fog, Fisherman's Wharf, sourdough bread, Nob Hill, Ghirardelli chocolate, the largest Chinatown outside of Asia and infamous Alcatraz Island are just a few reasons to leave your heart in San Francisco. Go for a weekend or a week, it will never be enough if San Francisco casts her spell on you. The city by the bay beckons, answer her siren call for a diverse city break that offers travelers a wide range of experiences and sightseeing.



Widely considered the banking capital of the world, there is a lot more to this city than the gnomes of Zurich who oversee Swiss banking and commerce. With an ancient city center of cobbled lanes, church steeples, the lake and a vibrant culture that speaks several languages, Zurich is one of the most livable cities in the world and one of the easiest to visit and navigate. Old world and modern contemporary dovetail seamlessly into architecture, cuisine and everyday living. While the official languages of Switzerland are Italian, French, German and Romansh, in Zurich, Swiss-German is mostly prevalent, with English being extensively spoken. Stock up on Swiss chocolates and also check out the Swiss watches, globally acknowledged as the finest timepieces in the world.



With monks in saffron robes, modern glass high rises, food stalls lining streets, chaotic traffic, temples, palaces, pollution, sky trains and frenzied markets, Bangkok is an assault to the senses in the very best possible way. You're not in Kansas anymore, welcome to one of the world's great cities. A river runs through it, with the Chao Phraya snaking its way through Bangkok. And what a river it is, a teeming, heaving mass of water people work on, live alongside, bathe in and travel along. We recommend using the river to move around the city, it's faster and a window into Bangkok from yesteryear. Some English is usually spoken in main tourist areas, if not, a smile and a quick pantomime can work wonders with the gracious Thai people.



The City of Light is comprised of twenty arrondissements or cantons, making it easy to work out where you need to go when looking at a map. Paris is mythical is many respects for travelers. Expectations are high, the romance of Paris has been painted, sung and written about for centuries. The light is beautiful, architecture gorgeous, food glorious, women are chic, the language is melodic, you name it, it's stylish. Paris has verve, which translated means, life, vigor, zest, sparkle. From the Eiffel Tower and Champs Elysees to the incomparable Louvre museum and the banks of the Seine, Paris is a city for love. Whether that is a love for art, food, fashion or people, love is in the air in Paris and probably in the water as well.



Located on the Puget Sound and surrounded by mountains and forests, Seattle is home to big tech business and the birthplace of grunge music, a dichotomy if there ever was one. Known as the Emerald City, the urban, hip downtown area is a stark contrast to the water, volcanoes and natural beauty close by. The Space Needle, Pike Market, seafood restaurants, shopping, nightclubs and bars make this accessible city the ideal city break away.



It's cosmopolitan, it's hip, it's brash, it's modern, it's laid back and its got nothing in common with any other Australian city. With the famed harbor, great weather, the iconic opera house, the bridge, miles of beaches, sailing, surfing, fishing, golf, hundreds of outdoor restaurants, world class arts and the infectious Aussie sense of fun, Sydney is a city with a party always waiting to happen. Locals will happily throw a prawn (shrimp) on the BBQ for you and hand you an ice cold glass of amber nectar (beer), life is laid back with Australians in general, most especially so with Sydneysiders. Say G'day to Sydney and return home speaking a new language.



With seven star ultra-luxe hotels, sleek rooftop bars, extraordinary global cuisines, world class trophy shopping, Dubai is a bucket list destination for travelers who enjoy consuming the very best of the best. Want more of more? Head to Dubai for a city break, check into a futuristic hotel and get busy. Dubai has the world's tallest building, indoor skiing, the world's fastest roller coaster, an island shaped like a palm tree, hotel rooms underwater in an aquarium and remarkably, the list is still growing of firsts, bests and fastest. There is a slower side of Dubai which correlates to its desert location, don't miss riding a camel in the desert, Bedouin dining in tents and star-gazing safaris. Travel for less, so you can enjoy more is our best advice!