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Traveling during the holidays can be… stressful. To say the least. And no wonder


The Best Holiday Travel Hacks
Traveling during the holidays can be… stressful. To say the least. And no wonder — experts predict that 38 million passengers will be flying on US carriers over Christmas and New Years. 

But there’s no need to dread your annual holiday pilgrimage, because you have the greatest in holiday travel hacks at your disposal! Avoid the crowds, skip the stress, or, if you can’t, find the best way to grab a little pick-me-up on the plane.

The Best Time to Travel
Full disclosure, the absolute best time to travel is the day of the actual holiday you’re aiming for.  Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, New Year’s Day… you name it, it’s always better than the day before. There are fewer lines, infinitely shorter wait times, and the camaraderie of the flight crew that may lend itself to free snacks and drinks.

If your schedule does not allow you to fly on the actual day, then aim for off days like Tuesdays or Wednesdays. These days generally have lower fares and fewer travelers. In addition, you should expect the unexpected. Traveling to the snowy North East? Give yourself plenty of time in between connections, and try to schedule your flight as early in the day as you can. This way, you may be able to fly standby or get rebooked for a later flight.

Get the Right Apps
There are plenty of apps that claim to make your travel easier, but only a few that actually manage to do it. One of these is FlightTracker, a free app that will tell you exactly where your plane is at all times on the day of your flight, even if it’s completing another leg of its trip. You’ll know as soon as the gate agent does when your plane has left its previous destination, and exactly what time it is expected to arrive.

Scope out the best seat available on SeatGuru, which will show you exact layout of the plane you will be on and the amount of leg room, under-seat storage, and the nearest lavatory location  of any seat you choose. Long legged travelers of the world, we’re looking at you

But, if there’s any app you download before your travels, it really should be GateGuru. This app will help you plan out your entire trip from start to finish, with a detailed itinerary you can access with a single tap. But it doesn’t stop there. It also provides detailed airport information, including weather, estimated TSA wait times, airport tips and amenities, even the location of the nearest ATM. And, for the more competitive travelers out there, you can also get detailed travel stats and compare yourself to other GateGuru users. Even science will know you’re a Road Warrior! 

Wrap Smart
Or, more appropriately, don’t wrap your gifts at all. Until you reach your destination, that is. If you can trust your friends and family to not open their gifts early, have the presents shipped to your final destination rather than crowd your already limited luggage space. If you can’t, bring along a few collapsable gift boxes (just about any department store will have them) and a single role of wrapping paper to lock yourself into a room with as soon as you reach your destination.

Stay Healthy
Mixing with thousands of other travelers at the height of cold and flu season can make the holiday season one of the worst time to travel. Be sure to protect yourself (and potentially your hosts) from the huge array of colds, flus, and infections that will be traveling along with you. Start by staying hydrated, and bringing vitamin C supplements or a pack of Emergen-C, which can be dissolved easily in a glass of water. Go further by carrying a small bottle of hand sanitizer during your travels. A small drop of hand sanitizer can also be used to disinfect your surrounding area, including your tray table, armrests, and electronics.

This holiday season, focus on what matters, not what it takes to get you there. Use these holiday travel hacks to have the best holiday travel season possible. And, as always, stay safe!